Seven Alternative Uses for Concrete Bollards


Street Scape is your first choice supplier of quality and affordable concrete bollards. Concrete bollards are excellent for protecting pedestrians and buildings, controlling traffic, and creating designated spaces, but did you know that they can be used for a variety of other functions? We have listed seven alternative uses for concrete bollards and paired the perfect Street Scape bollard for each function.


Standard Uses for a Concrete Bollard:


There are four standard uses for a bollard. Street Scape concrete bollards are manufactured to be perfectly suited to perform these functions.




The main use of a concrete bollard is for safety. A selectively placed bollard can be the protective barrier between a vehicle that has lost control and an unaware pedestrian, schoolchild, or shopper. The strength of a bollard will be able to handle the impact of the vehicle whilst saving the person on the side of the road from injury or death.


Traffic Control:


A concrete bollard is also typically used for traffic control. You use a selectively placed bollard to make roads narrower, which would then force cars to slow down and therefore decrease the travel speed in an area. You can also use a bollard to block vehicle access to certain areas or redirect traffic down an alternative route.




Keeping humans safe is the top use for a concrete bollard, but you can also find concrete bollards being used to keep buildings or public spaces protected. Businesses, historical buildings, shopping centres, and public parks are a few of the areas around which you can find concrete bollards being used as a protective barrier. A damaged bollard hit by an out-of-control vehicle is far easier and cheaper to replace compared to repairing a building.


Designated Spaces:


A clever use for concrete bollards is to create designated spaces. The most common way a concrete bollard is used to create a designated space is for public or private parking areas. The concrete bollard can be used to prevent access to the parking area from certain points or simply create a protected space for cars to park.




Seven Alternative Uses for a Concrete Bollard:


We have listed a few of the alternative uses for concrete bollards to demonstrate how they can have a variety of functions. We have also paired the ideal Street Scape bollard with each alternative concrete bollard use to demonstrate how Street Scape concrete bollards can be functional in both standard and unique ways.


1) Marketing:


Every business, school, and shopping centre can benefit from the safety and protective uses of a concrete bollard. A concrete bollard is also the perfect blank space for a marketing opportunity. You can attach your advertising to the concrete bollard, paint your logo directly onto the concrete bollard surface, or simply use the concrete bollard to draw people’s attention to your store or business.


You can also choose a relevant theme to transform your concrete bollard into a marketing space. For example, a sports shop can use the concrete bollard outside their shop to draw customer attention by adding sports equipment designs to the bollard, or a concrete bollard next to a playground can have fun pictures to amuse the children.


We recommend the Street Scape Taper Concrete Bollard for marketing purposes. This concrete bollard has a smooth, large surface which will make it easy to paint or attach advertising signage onto.




2) Art:


A concrete bollard can perform a purpose, but no one said they had to do so in a boring way. Numerous artists across the world are using a concrete bollard situated in a public space in an alternative, artistic way. Concrete bollards are used by artists to express their views, demonstrate their creativity, or simply liven up otherwise dull streets.


There are so many fun and funky ways to use a concrete bollard as a means of artistic expression. Whether you convert the entire concrete bollard into an artwork, simply chuck some paint all over it in a creative way, add some graffiti, or glue some crafts to the bollard, the blank canvas of a concrete bollard means that you can let your artistic mind run wild.


Every Street Scape bollard is suitable to become a base for artistic expression. We recommend selecting a Street Scape bollard with a simple design, such as the Street Scape Barrier Concrete Bollard, as it is the perfect starting point for a public space artwork.


3) Bicycles:


A Street Scape concrete bollard can be used to create designated cycling lanes in a busy city centre. City centres are often inundated with cars which result in traffic, parking problems, and increases the pollution in these congested areas. Increasing the cycling lanes in a city provides city dwellers with a cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and healthier mode of transportation. Using concrete bollards to create cycling lanes offers the cyclists safety and peace of mind whilst they travel.


When you increase the number of cycling lanes in a city, you also need to increase the spaces where cyclists can safely store their bikes. An alternative use for a bollard can therefore be a place for cyclists to lock their bikes onto. You would need to secure a stainless steel handle to the bollard so that the cyclists can hook their bike chain through the handle and secure the bicycle to the bollard.


We recommend the Street Scape Quartet Concrete Bollard for this purpose. The rectangular surface will make attaching a handle for locking bicycles easier and the height above the ground is suitable for locking a bike.




4) Farm:


A concrete bollard can have numerous alternative uses on a farm. On farms that have cattle, sheep, or horses, you need to keep these animals contained in certain areas. A bollard can create the perfect barrier to keep animals from venturing into dangerous places on the farms or to tie horses to by their halters.


For a bollard to be alternatively used on a farm, we recommend the Street Scape Concrete Bollard with Chain or the Street Scape Fence Rail Concrete Bollard. Both will provide adequate protection for the animals and allow you to secure any animals to them without the risk of the animal being able to run away.


5) Garden Landscaping:


Hard landscaping items are always a must in any garden to add form, line, and texture to the space. A bollard is an ideal choice to be alternatively used as a hard landscaping item as you can select the number of bollards you need, the design, and the aesthetic style which will work well in your landscape design. Out of all our unique and interesting designs, we suggest choosing the Street Scape Ball 500 Concrete Bollard to use as a garden landscaping item.


6) Seating:


One of the alternative uses for a specifically designed concrete bollard is seating. Additional seating is always a must in public spaces. Select a position for these bollards that is away from a busy street and choose a design that can function as seating.




At Street Scape, we offer the 4040 Cube Concrete Bollard, the 500 Cube Concrete Bollard, and the Round 600 Flat Top Concrete Bollard which can be used simultaneously for safety, protection, and seating.


7) Decreasing Crime:


Dark alleyways in city centres are an opportunistic criminal’s delight. When a person takes a shortcut home down a dimly lit space, it places them at the risk of danger if they bump into the wrong person. An alternative use for a concrete bollard can be to add light to darker areas in busy city centres.


Numerous concrete bollards come with already installed lighting features. While this is not a fool-proof way to decrease crime in an area, increasing the amount of light in an area has been shown to make criminals less likely to act maliciously for fear of being seen.


None of the Street Scape concrete bollards come with light fixtures installed, but you could easily select a concrete bollard you feel will suit your area and budget and then get lights installed as an additional feature.


About Street Scape Concrete Bollards:


Street Scape is a Cape Town-based manufacturer of concrete bollards. A Street Scape concrete bollard is made from a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates and then moulded into one of the various Street Scape designs. The use of concrete as the bollard material ensures that you receive exceptional quality, strength, and durability.


Every Street Scape concrete bollard is exceptionally strong due to the way they are installed. Each Street Scape concrete bollard is sub-mounted to ensure that it will not easily be knocked over should a vehicle crash into it. The sub-mounting also provides extra security for those who choose to lock their bicycles to the concrete bollard.


The use of concrete for these Street Scape bollards also allows for versatility in design. Street Scape concrete bollards come in numerous designs and styles to suit the function or aesthetic feel of the space they will be located in. We also offer a wide range of exposed aggregate, painted, or smooth finishes so that you can find the perfect concrete bollard for your design needs.


At Street Scape, you will find concrete bollards of exceptional quality, superior safety, and stylish designs all at an affordable cost. No matter what you decide to use a concrete bollard for, Street Scape concrete bollards are your ideal choice.


About Street Scape:


Street Scape is a landscaping element manufacturer. Our purpose is to provide individuals and businesses with access to landscaping elements that will make residential or urban spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing.


At Street Scape, you will find a variety of locally manufactured landscaping elements. From bins to bollards to planters, we have every landscaping item you need for your landscaping project.


When we manufacture our landscaping elements, we only use durable materials that will ensure that the item you purchase will be strong and have longevity in outdoor settings. With Street Scape, you can purchase high-quality items without worrying about high costs.


On top of our wide variety of high-quality landscaping elements, we also make our manufactured products widely accessible. Whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bhisho, or Pietermaritzburg, we can get your desired landscaping elements delivered to you. We use a reliable and trusted delivery service that will ensure your items arrive quickly and without any damages.


Street Scape is comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to offering you exceptional landscaping elements and service. Whether you need advice on the best landscaping element suited to your project, the recommended ordering amount, or a suitable finish for the aesthetic of your space, we will be able to provide you with the best personalised recommendations.




Street Scape concrete bollards are suitable for a variety of standard or alternative uses.