Steel Bin: Ways to Keep South African Rivers Clean


  On 15 September, South Africa celebrated National River Clean-up Day. Why do we need a national day dedicated to cleaning up our rivers? We take a look into the dirty depths of South African rivers, the importance of maintaining clean rivers for human and environmental health, and different ways that you can help keep … Read more

Tips for Selecting a Concrete Bollards Supplier


  With so many bollard suppliers to choose from, selecting a supplier can become stressful or overwhelming. Choosing the wrong supplier can slow down the completion of your project, result in sub-standard bollards, or you can have difficulties getting them to hear your needs. We take you through a step-by-step guide of factors to consider … Read more

Different Types of Bollards and Bollard Accessories


  A bollard can perform many useful purposes in public spaces, but not every bollard is designed the same. We explore the different types of bollards and how they function differently. There is also a range of bollard accessories that you can add to your selected bollard to enhance the bollard. Street Scape is a … Read more

Keep Beaches Clean with a Concrete Bin and Clean-ups


South Africa boasts a wide range of jaw-dropping beaches which attract people from all over the country and world to spend their weekends and holidays. Unfortunately, the beauty of our beaches is quickly deteriorating as litter is becoming an item more commonly found on South African beaches than shells. We look into the reasons why … Read more