Concrete Planters Guide

Concrete Planters: Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home or Business


Kerb appeal is important for both homes and businesses. Kerb appeal transforms the space outside your home or business into a show-stopper. StreetScape creates functional and stunning concrete planters which boost kerb appeal. Read through the many benefits of kerb appeal and how to use a StreetScape concrete planter to create kerb appeal.






StreetScape is a Cape Town-based company that manufactures landscaping elements. StreetScape provides all your landscaping needs for your home or business. Our products are made to be functional whilst still adding aesthetic appeal to any space.


StreetScape offers landscaping elements of exceptional quality, durability, and strength. StreetScape puts you first by providing professional service and outstanding products. From sidewalks to verges, our products stand out for all landscaping needs.


Concrete Planters:


StreetScape offers a variety of concrete planters for landscaping. A concrete planter is a large concrete pot that is then filled with soil and has plants or trees planted inside them. A concrete planter can be used for decorative and functional purposes.


All StreetScape planters are concrete. Concrete is made from a mixture of water, aggregate, and the typical binding agent is cement. Concrete is an excellent material for planters as it is strong and durable. Your concrete planter will be situated outside and exposed to the weather. The strength of the concrete planter ensures longevity in outdoor environments.


Concrete is also an inexpensive product. All large concrete planters available at StreetScape are affordable for a range of budgets. Although the concrete planter is affordable, StreetScape has not sacrificed quality and high standards in the creation of their concrete planter. Now any home or business can enjoy concrete planters on their kerb.


Concrete Planters Available at StreetScape:


StreetScape is your go-to manufacturer for durable and stylish concrete planters. StreetScape offers a variety of six different concrete planter designs. Each concrete planter style varies in size, shape, aesthetic, and weight. The variety of concrete planters available at StreetScape makes it easy for you to find a durable concrete planter that will suit your home or business.


  • Square 600.
  • Round 600.
  • Round 900.
  • Round 400.
  • 770 Stacking.
  • 1200 Stacking.




Why is Kerb Appeal Important?


Kerb appeal is the overall attractiveness and desirability of a home or business from the outside or street. Kerb appeal can add a wow factor to the outside of your home or business.


The appeal of your kerb can have great influences on the impression of your home or business. How your home or business looks on the outside will inform the person on what to expect when they enter. You want the first impression someone has of your home or business to be great.


These are a few of the reasons why investing in your kerb appeal at home or your business will be beneficial.


Kerb Appeal at Home:


Our lives are often a rotating door of meetings, socialising, and running errands. When we find ourselves at home, we use the time to relax, connect with family, and enjoy our various hobbies. Our homes are where our hearts lie, and we try and make these spaces beautiful, functional, and enjoyable.


When we have a spare moment to turn towards a home project, we often focus on upgrading the inside of our homes. The walls get a new coat of paint, pictures get hung, and the kitchen counters get an upgrade.


We often forget to focus on the outside of our homes. The inside of our home is bursting with beauty, but our exterior space is lacking interest. No matter how great the inside of your home is, without any kerb appeal, your home will appear uncared for and not maintained from the outside.


Kerb appeal becomes exceptionally important when you are trying to sell your home. Read through these benefits to see how ramping up your kerb appeal can be beneficial to either selling your home or enjoying your home more.


Boost Property Value: Kerb appeal can boost your property value. Buyers or tenants can be inclined to pay more knowing that the outside of their home is as appealing as the inside is. Creating kerb appeal for your home is also a way to show that you have put effort into every aspect of the home which makes buying or renting the home more inviting.


Attract Potential Buyers: A great outside exterior will attract more potential buyers to your home. Your beautiful kerb appeal will make your potential buyer feel inclined to enter your home and hopefully fall in love with the space.


Feel Good: Who does not love hearing how stunning their home is? A great kerb appeal will have any visitor to your home wowed from the moment they pull into your driveway. This creates a sense of pride around the ownership of your home.




Kerb Appeal at Your Business:


Owning a business comes with many responsibilities. You need to ensure your business is operating successfully, your employees are productive and happy, and your business brand is leading in its field.


While you may have invested time, effort, and money into making your business interior professional and beautiful, the space outside your business may have been forgotten. Creating kerb appeal outside your business has many important benefits for your business.


Attract Customers: Kerb appeal helps customers notice your business. Your business needs to stand out from other surrounding businesses. Attracting customers is the most important focus of any business and adding kerb appeal to your business outside space is a quick way to increase your customers.


Boost Revenue: Kerb appeal will make your business feel inviting. The increased traffic through the door will ultimately increase the amount of exposure your business gets to potential customers. This can help boost sales and increase your revenue. Word of mouth is also important in businesses and you want your customers to tell their friends about your memorable business.


Better Your Environment: Most businesses are located within or near the city CBD. These spaces are often bustling with people, cars, and factories. There is also often limited green space in these areas. Including a concrete planter with varieties of plants will improve your surrounding environment. People will be attracted to the pop of greenery outside your business and associate your business with caring for the environment. This improves the overall opinion of your business alongside adding to your kerb appeal.




Concrete Planters and Kerb Appeal:


Kerb appeal can be created by repainting the exterior, adding unique architectural features, or incorporating sculptural artworks. These can help boost your kerb appeal but also impair your budget. The reason kerb appeal is often disregarded is that adding kerb appeal is viewed as expensive and unnecessary.


StreetScape concrete planters are the perfect companion to cost-effectively creating kerb appeal. Not only do concrete planters filled with beautiful plants immediately uplift any space, but they do so in a way that does not break the budget. Concrete planters are an easy way to boost your kerb appeal quickly and effectively in an affordable way.


Incorporating StreetScape concrete planters to the outside area of your home or business is also a secure investment in your kerb appeal. Concrete planters are fixed to the ground and exceptionally heavy. This makes it difficult for your concrete planters to be removed. You do not need to worry about your investment in your kerb appeal being stolen with a StreetScape concrete planter.


A concrete planter can be used to create kerb appeal in a variety of unique and interesting ways.


How to Use Concrete Planters for Kerb Appeal:


Create kerb appeal in moments with StreetScape concrete planters. Selective placement of your concrete planter can make all the difference to your home or business. Read through a couple of the ways a concrete planter can add to your kerb appeal.


Frame Entrance: Your home or business entrance needs to stand out. Use two concrete planters to flank your home or business entrance to help guide people through your doorway.


Create a Path: Concrete planters can be placed in a way that creates a path. This helps give people direction when walking to your home doorway or business entrance.


Add Colour: A concrete planter filled to the brim with plants will add colour to your home or business kerb. Colour is important as it attracts attention which gives your home or business the interest it deserves.


Natural Elements: The mixture of plants and concrete creates a natural overtone to your business or home outside space. This can make the area feel more appealing and create interest.


Create Symmetry: Place a concrete planter in symmetrically distanced and aligned spaces outside your home or business. This creates a sense of symmetry which makes a space feel balanced. Use the same StreetScape concrete planters when creating a symmetrical feel to your kerb appeal.


Highlight: The StreetScape concrete planters can be selectively placed to highlight a specific aspect of your business or home façade. If you need to draw attention to the street address on your wall or your business signage, then a concrete planter can be used to draw the eye of any onlookers.


Privacy: Create a screen with selectively chosen plants in your concrete planter. This can provide a private space for people to sit outside your business front or block onlookers from seeing through your business windows.


Parking: Parking lots outside businesses are often viewed as not affecting your customer’s view of your business. Except often the parking lot is the first thing a person will experience when arriving at your business. Incorporating a concrete planter in your parking lot will show that you have considered every aspect of your business outside space and add to your kerb appeal.




Plants for Your Concrete Planters:


Once you have decided on the perfect StreetScape concrete planter style and position to create kerb appeal for your home or business you can fill the concrete planter with plants!


One thing which hinders kerb appeal is a concrete planter filled with dead plants. The plant you choose for your concrete planter needs to be low maintenance and thrive all year round to consistently create kerb appeal. We have found a few local plants which are low maintenance and will beautify any home or business kerb.


  • Agapanthus.
  • Bulbines.
  • Gazania.
  • Vygies.
  • Bougainvillea.
  • Aloe.
  • Strelitzia.
  • Indigenous Grasses.


Choose a type of plant for your concrete planter which has height, dimension, and creates interest. This can be done by incorporating a variety of plants that have different coloured flowers or various shades of greens.


A StreetScape concrete planter is also beneficial for the plants you grow in them. Concrete is an insulator, which means that the plant’s roots in your concrete planters will be protected from the harsh Cape Town summers and winters.




Create kerb appeal for your home or business with StreetScape concrete planters.