A Guide on Selecting the Best Street Scape Bollards

Bloc 560A Concrete Bollards

Bollards are excellent landscaping elements that can be used for safety, traffic control, and creating designated spaces. Finding the best bollard for your location, purpose, and design style can be difficult with the numerous Street Scape bollards to choose from. We have created a Street Scape bollard selection guide with a few of our favourite … Read more

Concrete Bins for Composting at Home


Are you looking for a way to get rid of your kitchen scraps and garden waste that does not involve throwing them in the trash? Composing is a free, easy, and rewarding way to reduce your waste and improve your garden. Read through our seven-minute guide on at-home composting in Street Scape concrete bins.   … Read more

Pros and Cons of Aggregate Paving


Aggregate paving is an ideal flooring choice for your home or workplace. Aggregate pavers are durable, affordable, and can be a unique design element for your space. Read through our guide on the pros and cons of aggregate paving and see why Street Scape aggregate pavers are your ideal paving choice.   Street Scape Aggregate … Read more

Ideal Plants for Concrete Planters in the City


The buildings, roads, and parking lots in city centres leave little room for natural vegetation. Concrete planters are an easy and affordable way to introduce plants into a city. We have selected our top plants that are ideally suited to a city space. Uplift your outdoor city space with StreetScape concrete planters.   StreetScape:   … Read more

Important Uses for Bollards at Schools

Streetscape - classroom-min

Schools need to be protected, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing to make every student, teacher, and parent comfortable in the space. StreetScape bollards are the perfect tool to create a successfully safe and secure school premise. Find out all the unique uses for bollards on your school premises.   StreetScape:   StreetScape is a Cape Town-based … Read more