About Us

Street Scape is a landscaping element manufacturer. We produce landscaping elements to make urban spaces more functional, inviting, and beautiful.

Street Scape is a proudly South African company and we manufacture all of our landscaping elements in Cape Town. Through country-wide delivery services, we can supply our landscaping elements to the whole of South Africa.

Are you wanting to draw attention to your home or business? Do you feel your urban space needs more natural vegetation? Is litter a problem in your area? Street Scape produces a range of landscaping elements that will satisfy any urban landscaping requirements.

We are a leading supplier of bins, bollards, seating, kerbing, wall coping, signage, planters, tree elements, aggregate paving, and steps. From the sidewalk to your back garden, Street Scape provides quality solutions to suit your urban landscaping needs.

Street Scape ensures quality, longevity, and durability by using high-grade materials for our landscaping elements. Our landscaping products are made using concrete or steel to ensure that they continue to improve outdoor urban settings for years to come.

Street Scape landscaping elements come in a range of sizes, colours, and designs. Our various options make it easy to find a landscaping element ideally suited to the aesthetic style of your home or business.

We blend quality with unique designs without costing you more. We add value to urban spaces whilst still being affordable for a wide range of budgets.

The Street Scape team has many years of experience in manufacturing landscaping elements. Our skills and knowledge are used to ensure that every landscaping element we produce meets our high standards.

If you are looking for a trusted partner for your landscaping project, Street Scape is your first choice. We provide a personalised service to bring your landscaping vision into reality and our manufactured landscaping elements are produced to meet your unique project requirements.

Contact us for high-quality and affordable landscaping elements.