Keep Beaches Clean with a Concrete Bin and Clean-ups

South Africa boasts a wide range of jaw-dropping beaches which attract people from all over the country and world to spend their weekends and holidays. Unfortunately, the beauty of our beaches is quickly deteriorating as litter is becoming an item more commonly found on South African beaches than shells. We look into the reasons why it is important to keep South African beaches clean, and how you can do your part with a Street Scape concrete bin and by joining a beach clean-up organisation.


Why It Is Important to Keep Beaches Clean:


Firstly, you may be wondering to yourself why it is important to keep beaches clean. That chip packet in the beach sand that you step over as you head to splash in the waves cannot be having that much of an impact, can it? There are numerous important reasons why it is critical to keep all South African beaches clean from litter and pollution.


1) Prevent Pollution from Ending Up in The Ocean:


It is estimated that there are eight million metric tons of plastic waste in the ocean. There has never been a more critical time to prevent more litter from ending up in the ocean. It is important to pick up the litter we see on the beach as this reduces the amount of litter that gets washed back into the ocean at high tide.




2) Prevent Harm to Wildlife:


Many South African beaches are home to a wild array of wildlife. Whether it is the penguins at Boulders beach, the turtles at the beach in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, or the various birdlife which lives along the South African coast, all these animals are put at risk when there is litter left on the beach.




The wildlife may confuse littered items for food or get entrapped in the littered items. Litter can quickly upset a fragile ecosystem if one important animal species in the area is wiped out by litter-related causes.


3) Prevent Effects on Economy:


A beach that is polluted with rubbish will prevent people from wanting to come and visit that beach. This can have detrimental impacts on our economy in these two ways.


Tourism: One of the drawing factors for many foreign visitors to South Africa is the beautiful beaches along our coastline. If we were to allow our beaches to become inundated with litter and pollution, tourists will stop choosing our country for their next holiday abroad. Tourism is a critical avenue of revenue for our country, and a decrease in tourists can have severe economic impacts on our already teetering economy.


Local Support: Numerous South African beaches have restaurants, shops, and local vendors which earn a living from the people who visit the beach and then visit their businesses. If a beach becomes dirty, littered, and unenjoyable to visit, these small businesses will suffer financially from a lack of visitors. South Africa needs small businesses to thrive to maintain a healthy economy.


How You Can Keep Beaches Clean:


We have listed various ways that you can keep beaches clean in your area.


Donate Concrete Bins:


One of the easiest ways to reduce litter on a beach is to have an adequate supply of bins. If bins are noticeable and easily accessible on a beach, more people will be inclined to throw away their rubbish and not leave it to be washed away into the sea.


If your local beach does not have any bins provided, an effective way to contribute to keeping your beach clean is to donate bins. You can donate them directly or run a local drive that gets other community members involved to raise the funds for the bins.




When it comes to installing a bin on a beach, there are important factors you need to take into consideration. The bin will be constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as the sun, the salty wind off the sea, and rain. You need bins that are durable and resistant to these conditions. Street Scape is a manufacturer of concrete bins which are ideally suited to be located at a beach.


The Street Scape concrete bin is a strong, durable bin that will be resistant against any risks of damages from the sun or corrosive qualities of sea wind. You can rest assured knowing that a Street Scape concrete bin will have longevity and be worth the investment of your donation to keeping your beach clean.




You also need to take into consideration the number of concrete bins that you will need for a beach. One concrete bin is simply not going to be sufficient. You need to have a concrete bin placed at easy-to-reach intervals along all popular beaches, which can become a huge expense.


Luckily, Street Scape has you covered with how affordable our concrete bins are. We have a wide range of concrete bins to choose from so that you can easily find a concrete bin that will suit your donation budget. Making sure that your community has access to a concrete bin on the beach is made easy by Street Scape concrete bins.


People visit beaches because they are a beautiful space to relax, do water sports, or connect with friends and family. The last thing you want to do is bring down the aesthetic of the beach with garish bins. Street Scape offers a diverse range of concrete bin styles that can easily suit the overall aesthetic of the beach or local shops on the beach promenade.


The best part about a Street Scape concrete bin is that you can get the concrete bin delivered anywhere in South Africa! From Muizenburg beach to Umhlanga Main beach to Dolphin beach, you can get a Street Scape concrete bin delivered to keep your local beach clean.


Save the Date:


The third Saturday of September is known as International Coastal Clean-up Day (ICCD). Across the globe, people put on their marigolds, grab their plastic bags, and head to their local beach to pick up litter. You could turn this day into an event with your friends and family and spend the day making a difference at your favourite beach.


Create Awareness:


There is a general lack of awareness in South Africa when it comes to keeping beaches clean from litter and pollution. These are a few small ways you can create awareness around keeping beaches clean that can have a rippling impact.


Lead by Example: When you are at the beach, you can lead by example by throwing away your litter in a concrete bin. This will show the people around you that it is easy and expected to throw litter away at this beach.


Chat to Friends and Family: Awareness starts in your inner circle. If you are visiting the beach with your friends and see them walk away from the litter, this is an opportunity to chat to them about keeping beaches clean. If you have small children in your family, you can make it an event to pick up litter on the beach when you visit.


Social Media: Social media is a powerful way to spread awareness about keeping beaches clean to a great number of people which does not take a lot of time or effort. Hop onto your Instagram and take a story of you throwing away the litter you collected on the beach into a Street Scape concrete bin. This will create awareness to your followers about how easy and important it is to throw away litter on a beach.


Join a Beach Clean-up:


You can find a beach clean-up that is organised in your area and dedicate a few hours of your Saturday to spending time cleaning the beach with like-minded people.




We have found beach clean-up organisations in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and Kwa-Zulu Natal so that no matter what beach you live nearby, you can make a difference by joining an organisation.


Western Cape:


Street Scape is a Cape Town-based supplier of manufactured landscaping elements, such as the Street Scape concrete bin. Our entire business is dedicated to making spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing with our landscaping elements. This is why keeping beaches clean with our concrete bin is incredibly important to us, especially in our home province.


Clean C: Clean C, which has a motto of “leave only footprints behind”, is a Cape Town-based beach clean-up organisation that hosts regular events for your to participate in. Alongside cleaning up the beaches, they also have a recycling program to ensure that the waste collected is discarded in an environmentally friendly way.


Two Oceans Aquarium: The Two Oceans Aquarium, based at the V&A Waterfront, regularly hosts beach clean-ups at Cape Town beaches. Keep an eye on their website for their next designated beach clean-up event.


Eastern Cape:


Coastal Clean-ups Port Elizabeth: Coastal Clean-ups Port Elizabeth is a non-profit organisation that hosts regular beach clean-ups. Their focus is on keeping beaches clean by picking up litter and by educating the community on the effects of litter on marine ecosystems.


Raggy Charters “Wildside Beachwalkers Initiative”: Raggy Charters started the “Wildside Beachwalkers Initiative” in 2014 where they made cleaning up the Port Elizabeth beaches into a regular community event.


Kwa-Zulu Natal:


KZN Beach Clean-up: Since 2011, KZN Beach Clean-up has been preventing marine pollution through hosting beach clean-up days, spreading awareness, and taking active steps against corporations that are polluting the sea.


Coast KZN: Coast KZN is dedicated to keeping beaches in KZN clean by inviting everyone to participate in local beach clean-ups.


Beach Clean-up Tips:


These are a few key tips to keep in mind when you participate in a beach clean-up.


Wear Closed Shoes: We know there is nothing better than the feeling of beach sand underneath your bare feet, but when you are picking up litter it is critical to wear closed shoes. You also do not want to risk standing on a broken bottle or sharp piece of plastic whilst picking up litter and risking injury or infection.


Wear Gloves: You are going to be shocked and horrified at the range of items you find on the beach. You must wear gloves to prevent any injuries or touching contaminated items with your bare skin.


Bring Plastic Bags: We recommend bringing your own plastic bags to a beach clean-up. This will avoid being disappointed if the organisation you joined does not provide plastic bags or has run out before you arrived. Make sure you fill up your plastic bag to the brim and then place it in a Street Scape concrete bin to be correctly disposed of.


Be Prepared: You are going to be standing and walking around the beach for a few hours, so it is important that you come prepared with sunscreen, water, and snacks.




Keep beaches clean with a Street Scape concrete bin and by joining a local beach clean-up organisation.