Different Types of Bollards and Bollard Accessories


A bollard can perform many useful purposes in public spaces, but not every bollard is designed the same. We explore the different types of bollards and how they function differently. There is also a range of bollard accessories that you can add to your selected bollard to enhance the bollard. Street Scape is a manufacturer of fixed bollards and offers a range of bollards that come with additional features.


Different Types of Bollards:


We have listed the different types of bollards and their functions in their ideal locations.


Fixed Bollards:


A fixed bollard is a bollard that is embedded into the ground or firmly attached to the floor surface. Fixed bollards are typically sturdy posts and act as a strong barrier of protection.


These are a few of the benefits of fixed bollards.


  • Safety: A fixed bollard is an excellent choice for keeping people on the side of roads safe from vehicles.
  • Protecting Property: A fixed bollard offers a solid layer of protection between buildings and damage from a vehicle that has lost control.
  • Traffic Control: A selectively placed fixed bollard can be used to control traffic in an area.
  • Designated Spaces: A fixed bollard can be used to create permanent designated spaces, such as a car park.


Due to the numerous benefits of selecting a fixed bollard, they can be located in a variety of places.


  • Alongside Roads: A fixed bollard can be placed along both busy and quiet roads to offer traffic control or protection to buildings.
  • On Verges: Many homeowners and business owners place fixed bollards along their verge to prevent illegal parking, to keep the plants on their verge protected from damage, and to keep their perimeter fences safe from a car causing collision damage.
  • Outside Buildings: Shopping centres, historic buildings, and corporate business buildings will all need protection from vehicles that have lost control or to prevent criminals from attempting crash-and-grabs.
  • Outside Schools or Universities: These spaces have a high volume of children and young adults who will need to feel safe and protected from the threat of a vehicle collision. The high volume of people will also mean a high volume of traffic and therefore a fixed bollard can offer traffic control in these areas.
  • Create Designated Cycling Lanes: Cyclists are under-catered for when it comes to safe spaces for them to ride their bicycles in the city. A fixed bollard can be used to create a safe cycling lane for cyclists to use.
  • Around Water Sources: If there are roads that run alongside large water sources, a fixed bollard can be a barrier that stops a vehicle that has lost control from landing in the water and becoming submerged.


A fixed bollard can be made out of concrete, steel, solid plastic, or wood.




A fixed bollard made out of concrete has numerous benefits. Concrete is a highly durable and strong material and offers ultimate protection when used to make a fixed bollard. Concrete also allows for a versatile range of bollard designs as concrete can be moulded into any desired shape or style. Concrete is an affordable material and ensures that a fixed bollard made out of concrete will be a suitable choice for projects that need a large number of bollards.


A fixed steel bollard is typically made using galvanised steel. Galvanised steel is steel with a zinc coating and this coating ensures that the fixed steel bollard will be corrosion resistant. A fixed steel bollard is also strong and will be able to keep pedestrians and buildings protected from a vehicle collision. The only downside to a fixed steel bollard is that if there is any chipping or damage to the zinc coating after a collision, there may be rusting to the internal steel. Galvanised steel is also a more expensive option for a fixed bollard.




A solid plastic bollard is a fairly new bollard material. Industries are starting to use recycled plastics to create bollards, which is beneficial for the environment as it reduces the amount of plastic waste. A plastic solid bollard will not be susceptible to any damages or rusting. You can easily mould the plastic into any desired bollard shape, size, or design. The downside to a fixed solid plastic bollard is that it may not provide as much protection against a vehicle that is moving at a high speed.


A fixed wooden bollard is an aesthetically pleasing bollard option. Depending on the wood that is used, a fixed wooden bollard can be a more environmentally friendly alternative to a concrete or steel bollard. A fixed wooden bollard is also a strong bollard option for safety and protection. When exposed to rain for an extended period, the fixed wooden bollard may swell or shrink.


Depending on your selected fixed bollard material, a fixed bollard is an affordable bollard option to provide any location with protection or traffic control.


Retractable Bollards:


A retractable bollard, also known as a rising bollard, is a bollard that is on a hydraulic or electric mechanism and can be lifted or lowered below a road surface. Retractable bollards are used for traffic control and will typically be found on roads located in commercial, residential, or industrial areas.


Retractable bollards allow for flexible control of traffic. At your desire, you can allow or block vehicles from accessing a certain area by simply raising or lowering the retractable bollard.


Retractable bollards are typically made out of steel and offer strong and durable protection against vehicles. An unauthorised vehicle trying to gain access to an area will have a difficult time getting past a retractable bollard.


Retractable bollards provide strength, convenience, and safety, but all for a steep cost. They are not a cheap bollard to purchase or install.




Removable Bollards:


A removable bollard is typically a cylindrical, steel bollard that is locked into a ground sleeve mechanism and can be removed when no longer needed.


The benefit of removable bollards is that they offer versatility and can be placed in any location. For example, if you need to control the through-flow of people attending a concert, removable bollards are the ideal choice.




Lighted Bollards:


A lighted bollard is a bollard with a light either embedded into the bollard or attached to the bollard. Lighted bollards are commonly made out of either steel, concrete, or wood. Lighted bollards can be located in any space that would benefit from the protection of a bollard and a little extra lighting.


These are a few reasons why you would need lighted bollards.


Security: A lighted bollard can offer an added element of security to a space. A lighted bollard that is located along city street can increase the amount of light on the street at night which can then reduce the prevalence of crime in an area.


Warning: A lighted bollard can also signify that there is a bollard alongside a road. Drivers are then aware that there is a bollard and can then avoid colliding with the bollard by mistake if there is poor visibility or they are driving at night.


Ambiance: A lighted bollard used in the landscaping of a garden or to create an outdoor pathway in a home or hotel can add a beautiful ambiance to the space at night.




Decorative Bollards:


A decorative bollard is an ornamental bollard that is meant to add an element of design to a selected location. They are typically not strong as their purpose is not to provide protection, safety, or control traffic.


Decorative bollards can be made out of stainless steel, concrete, aluminium, wood, or any other material that achieves the desired decorative design.


Decorative bollards can be used to enhance the architectural design of a building, draw customer attention to shop fronts or businesses, or add a sculptural element to landscaping. Decorative bollards can be situated in any location that could use these benefits of a decorative bollard.




The cost of the decorative bollard will depend entirely on the company that creates them, the complexity of the design, and the materials that are used.


Different Types of Bollard Accessories:


There are additional accessories that you can add to your bollard to enhance the practical use or aesthetic of the bollard in your selected space.


Bollard Covers: Bollard covers are generally plastic covers that are slipped over the bollard. Their purpose is to over the bollard extra protection from damage against vehicles or wear-and-tear from exposure to the weather. You can also use the bollard cover as an opportunity for advertising or creative expression.


Chains: Adding chains in between the bollards will create a connected barrier. Chains are an especially useful accessory if you are using bollards to create a large, designated space and want to reduce your costs spent on a bollard while still preventing vehicles from accessing this area.


Water Fountain: A water fountain accessory on a bollard provides people with access to fresh drinking water. If your bollard is located near a school, public park, on a running route, or near a shopping centre, this will be a well-appreciated feature by the community.


Bike Locking Arms: A steel bike locking arm can be attached to a bollard to offer an easy and safe space for cyclists to lock their bicycles to whilst they are attending work or the shops. This is an especially useful bollard accessory for bollards located in busy city centres that have catered for cycling lanes.


Street Scape Bollards:


Street Scape is a manufacturer of fixed bollards. Our bollards are fixed into the ground by being sub-mounted or surface mounted. Once our bollards are installed, you can rest assured that they will provide a strong barrier of protection.


We have selected to offer either a concrete or a steel bollard due to the characteristics of strength, durability, and longevity of these materials. Alongside the safety and protective qualities of these materials, they are also affordable. Purchasing a Street Scape bollard is an affordable investment as you will not need to consistently replace our bollards.


Concrete and steel also allow us to create a range of bollard designs so that you can find the perfect bollard for your practical or aesthetic needs. Alongside our signature designs, our concrete and steel bollards are available in a variety of finishes and colours. Whether you are looking for colourful and smooth bollard or a neutral and textured bollard, you will find the ideal bollard at Street Scape.


We also offer bollards with additional accessories, such as the Tap Concrete, the Concrete Bollard with Chain, and the Concrete Bollard with Fence Rail. We have created bollard options with these additional features to make sure that you can find the bollard you need to suit your location or requirements at Street Scape.




If you are looking for high-quality fixed bollards, Street Scape is the manufacturer for you.