Tips for Selecting a Concrete Bollards Supplier


With so many bollard suppliers to choose from, selecting a supplier can become stressful or overwhelming. Choosing the wrong supplier can slow down the completion of your project, result in sub-standard bollards, or you can have difficulties getting them to hear your needs. We take you through a step-by-step guide of factors to consider when selecting a supplier of concrete bollards to make the process easier. Street Scape is a high-quality, affordable, and trusted supplier to partner with for your concrete bollard project.




Before You Select a Supplier:


Before you select the supplier, you need to decide what type of bollard you are going to need for your project. Knowing the type of bollard that you need helps widdle down the number of bollard suppliers to choose from into a manageable list. We have created a brief list of the different types of bollards and their functions.


Fixed Bollards: Fixed bollards are bollards that are permanently installed into the ground. The typical materials used for fixed bollards are either steel or concrete. Fixed bollards perform protective, safety, and traffic control functions. They can also be used to create designated spaces and limit access to these spaces.


Removable Bollards: Removable bollards are bollards that can be temporarily placed in the desired location. Removable bollards are generally made out of steel as this is a light and easy-to-move material, while still providing protection, safety, and traffic control functionality. You will typically find removable bollards being used during road construction where they will temporarily guide traffic along alternative routes. You can also find removable bollards at events or festivals.


Retractable Bollards: Retractable bollards are automated bollards that you can raise or lower as you need. Retractable bollards are typically made out of steel. They are popularly used in road entryways to buildings to be able to control vehicle access into the building.


Decorative Bollards: Decorative bollards are designed purely for aesthetics and enhancing the design of a space. The materials for decorative bollards vary according to the desired style of the bollard. Decorative bollards are generally permanently located, and you can find them outside buildings or incorporated into the landscaping.


Bollards with Additional Features: There is a range of fixed bollards that come with additional features, such as lighting, a water fountain, bike lock handles, chains, or fence rails. You can then enjoy the benefits of strong protection and design with fixed bollards with the addition of a feature that your community or project will find useful.




The most popular type of bollard is the fixed concrete bollard. Concrete bollards are commonly used because they offer superior strength, durability, and longevity. Concrete bollards, therefore, make an excellent bollard for a protective barrier between vehicles and buildings or pedestrians. A concrete bollard offers safety, design, and functionality at an affordable rate.


Due to fixed concrete bollards being the most widely selected bollard, we are going to list the factors to consider when selecting a supplier of concrete bollards. You can still apply these tips to a supplier of any type of bollard.


Tips for Selecting a Concrete Bollard Supplier:


We have listed all the factors to take into consideration when choosing a concrete bollard supplier.


Location of Supplier:


When selecting a concrete bollard supplier, you need to take into consideration the location of your project.  If your project is located in a city centre, there will be plenty of suppliers to choose from and the options can become overwhelming. At this stage, all you need to do is collect a manageable list of suppliers, and then you will work through the list with our other tips.


The project that you require concrete bollards for may be in an isolated area, and therefore you may be limited in your options of nearby concrete bollard suppliers. Your limited options may also force you to select an expensive supplier or a low-quality supplier. Luckily, most concrete bollard suppliers offer a delivery service so that you can get the exact bollards you want to be delivered to your project.


Street Scape is a Cape Town-based supplier of fixed concrete bollards. We offer a delivery service of our concrete bollards to your project anywhere in the Western Cape. This saves you the time, energy, and effort of collecting or finding a delivery service company for the bollards you require.


We also offer a nationwide delivery service. Whether you are in Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, or the Northern Cape, you will be able to incorporate Street Scape concrete bollards into your project.




Production Capabilities:


Once you have a list of concrete bollard suppliers that can provide bollards to your project location, you need to assess their production capabilities. Certain suppliers will not manufacture their bollards and instead order from an independent manufacturer. You need to assess the quantity and time that these suppliers can provide you with the number of concrete bollards you need for the project.


The manufacturer they use may be located in another province or country, which will add time to the delivery of your bollards. They will also most likely add a mark-up to the bollards, so this may be a more expensive option. If you would rather select a supplier that manufactures their bollards, you need to enquire about their production capabilities.


Do they manufacture to order or do they have bollards in stock that are ready to go? This will be an important factor to take into consideration when planning your project so that you know when to order and when to plan installation. At Street Scape, we manufacture all of our concrete bollards ourselves. We can produce the exact quantity of bollards you need for your project on time to keep your project timeline on track.




Quality of Concrete Bollards:


After the effort you have gone through to find a concrete bollard supplier and install the bollards, the last thing you want is to see your bollards degrade soon after the project is completed. You need to select a concrete bollard supplier that can deliver to your location, produce the number of bollards you need, and also does not jeopardise the quality of the bollards for speedy production. Quality is important for the longevity, durability, and aesthetic integrity of the bollards in your project.


One way to assess the quality of a concrete bollard supplier is to enquire about previous projects they have supplied to. If these projects are in an accessible area, we recommend taking a trip to assess the current state of the bollards. At Street Scape, we hold our concrete bollard manufacturing to an exceptionally high standard.


We use only the best concrete and aggregates to ensure strength, durability, and longevity for your project. Each concrete bollard is individually assessed by us to make sure that you only receive high-quality bollards.






After creating a list of suppliers that have ticked all the previous boxes, it is time to get in touch. When it comes to communicating with a concrete bollard supplier, keep these communication factors in mind.


Ease of Communication: It needs to be simple, quick, and easy to communicate with the supplier. If your phone calls or emails are not being answered within a timely fashion, we recommend turning your business to another supplier.


Professional: The supplier needs to maintain a professional manner at all times when communicating with you.


Willingness to Help: Find a supplier that is willing to go that extra step further to help you with the requirements of your concrete bollard project.


Street Scape is always available for your phone calls, queries, or emails. Our team of experts will be able to provide you with any advice or assistance for your concrete bollard project in a professional and timely manner.






Once you have narrowed down your list of suppliers to the ones that provide quality concrete bollards and communicate with you in a professional manner, it is time to start collecting quotes. The general recommended amount of quotes to get from bollard suppliers is three.


A small cost factor to bear in mind is the cost of the supplier’s quote. Most suppliers have a quote fee, and often they will not stipulate this before they have sent you the quote and the attached invoice. If you are collecting numerous quotes, these small costs can quickly add up.


Street Scape offers a free quoting system. You simply are required to fill out your details, the type of bollard you require, and the exact quantity of bollards you need for your project, and we will send you a quote. Our quoting system is fast and effortless to save you time and energy when it comes to finding the best concrete bollard supplier for your project.




The numbers that follow the Rand sign at the end of the quote are a highly influencing factor in your selection of a concrete bollard supplier. These are a few cost aspects to keep in mind when it comes to assessing the cost of the quotes.


Cost of Bollard Material: Different bollard materials having varying expenses. Concrete is the cheapest bollard material therefore concrete bollards are the most affordable bollard to select for your project.


Cost of Bollard Design: Concrete bollards come in numerous sizes and designs and this will then have an effect on their cost. You need to find a concrete bollard that will be perfectly suited to your function and aesthetic needs as well as your budget. If the cost of the bollard you have selected is too high, ask the supplier for a cheaper concrete bollard recommendation.


Cost of Delivery: Most of the time, you will not have the means to collect your manufactured concrete bollards from the supplier and will have to rely on an external or internal delivery system. Certain suppliers will charge an additional fee for delivery. Your project’s location will also be a contributing factor to the cost of delivery. If the delivery fee was not included in the quote, ask the supplier for this information before you make your decision.




It is important to remember that choosing the cheapest supplier is not always the best decision. While some suppliers can produce quality concrete bollards at a low cost, most of the time suppliers will provide you with sub-standard bollards. In the long run, you may end up spending more on your concrete bollard project due to maintenance or replacement costs when you select a cheap, low-quality supplier.


Street Scape offers you a wide range of high-quality concrete bollards for an affordable price. You get the best of both worlds when you choose Street Scape to be your concrete bollard supplier. Street Scape is a superb supplier to partner with for your concrete bollard project.