Cycling Lanes with Concrete Bollards: Benefits for Cyclists and Cities


Cycling in a city without safe, designated cycling lanes can put cyclists, vehicles, and pedestrians at risk of injury or damage to property. Read through our six-minute guide on how creating cycling lanes in city centres with Street Scape concrete bollards can be beneficial for cyclists, city dwellers, and the city overall.


Risks of Cycling in a City Without Cycling Lanes:


Many city dwellers are turning towards cycling as a way to transport themselves to work, family events, and the shops. The problem with cycling in a city that does not have safe, designated cycling lanes is that cyclists face numerous risks. Roadside accidents are the major risks cyclists face when cycling in a city.


Roadside accidents can occur when a vehicle loses control and collides with cyclists on the side of the road. Cyclists can also get into an accident with a vehicle when they are forced to cycle in the centre of a lane and a vehicle accidentally turns into them. Cyclists can also become involved in an accident with parked vehicles.


If a driver in a parked vehicle had to open their car door without checking, a passing cyclist could collide into the open door. Any roadside accident involving a cyclist and a car can result in damage to the car or bicycle, severe injury, or even death. If there is no specified space for the cyclists, cyclists may feel forced to cycle on the sidewalk to avoid the risks of an accident with a vehicle.




This then could result in a cyclist colliding with an unaware pedestrian and causing unnecessary injury or damage. Cycling lanes create a designated space for cyclists. Cycling lanes reduce the risk of cyclists having to cycle in amongst cars or on the sidewalk and thus decreases the chance of injuries or damage. Creating cycling lanes that are protected is critical to creating a safe cycling environment in cities.


Street Scape concrete bollards provide an effective solution to creating safe designated cycling lanes in the city.


Street Scape Concrete Bollards for Cycling Lanes:


Street Scape is a Cape Town-based manufacturer of concrete bollards. Street Scape concrete bollards are an ideal landscaping element for creating protected spaces for cyclists to use in cities. Street Scape offers a diverse range of concrete bollard designs. We have listed our seventeen concrete bollard designs which you can choose between to create a cycling lane in your city.


  • 4040 Cube.
  • 500 Cube.
  • Ball 500.
  • Barrier.
  • Bloc 220.
  • Bloc 250.
  • Cape.
  • Concrete Bollard with Chain.
  • Croydon.
  • Dome.
  • Fence Rail.
  • Quartet.
  • Rectangular 900.
  • Round 600 Flat Top.
  • Stellenbosch.
  • Tap.
  • Taper.


When selecting a bollard to create cycling lanes in a city, you need a bollard that will be durable and strong. All of the Street Scape concrete bollards are designed and manufactured to ensure longevity and act as a high-quality barrier. The wide range of Street Scape concrete bollard sizes provides adequate options to create a safe designated cycling lane. For ultimate safety against vehicles, we recommend choosing between the taller Street Scape concrete bollards, such as the Rectangular 900 concrete bollard.


Street Scape has every aspect covered when it comes to using concrete bollards to create a cycling lane. Our Tap Concrete Bollard comes with a drinking tap fitted into the concrete bollard. We recommend placing the Street Scape Tap Concrete Bollard every few meters to provide fresh drinking water for cyclists, runners, and pedestrians.




Street Scape concrete bollards can also be used to create cycling lanes in any South African city. We offer nationwide delivery of all our manufactured landscaping elements with a reputable delivery company. Whether you are looking to create a cycling lane in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban, Street Scape can provide any city with quality concrete bollards.


Benefits of Cycling Lanes in a City:


Creating a designated cycling lane with concrete bollards has numerous benefits for cyclists and the city.




Cycling lanes can simply be created by painting a designated lane on the side of a busy city road. While this is a quick, cheap solution to creating a cycling lane, a painted line offers no safety to cyclists from vehicles that have lost control. Painted lines are also easy for cars to park on, which increases the risk of cyclists colliding with open car doors.


Concrete bollards are an ideal choice for creating designated cycling lanes in a city as they provide a safety barrier for cyclists. Should a vehicle lose control, the vehicle will collide with the concrete bollard and not the cyclist. Concrete bollards provide the benefit of safety and security to cyclists as they travel to work or do their daily exercise.


Street Scape creates concrete bollards using cement and selectively chosen aggregates to ensure maximum strength and durability. The Street Scape concrete bollards are also sub-mounted into the road, ensuring that they perform as a sturdy protective barrier for cyclists.


Pedestrians can also enjoy the safety of a cycling lane. Cycling lanes add additional space between pedestrians and a busy road. The concrete bollards which protect the cyclists in the cycling lane will also keep pedestrians on the sidewalk safe from passing vehicles.




Reduces Need to Drive:


Providing cycling lanes in a city offers a safe space for cyclists to use as a way to transport themselves around the city. As we have seen in cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Strasbourg, an increase in cycling lanes and cyclists has resulted in a reduced number of cars on the road. There are numerous benefits a city can reap from introducing cycling lanes and reducing the number of vehicles on the road.


Less Traffic: Fewer cars on the road will mean less traffic during peak hours. This will improve people’s experience of living in the city as they will not be spending numerous hours of their day in a car.


Reduced Pollution: Cars are a major contributor to air pollution in cities. Fewer cars on the road will mean less air pollution and thus create a healthier living and working environment in the city.


Reduced Noise Pollution: Screeching car tires, honking horns, and the incessant whirring of passing vehicles can cause noise pollution in a city. Apart from the occasional bell ring, bicycles produce little noise pollution. An increase in bicycle use will make the city centre a quieter, more pleasant space to live and work in.


Fewer Road Accidents: Reducing the number of cars on city roads reduces the risk of roadside accidents. This makes the city a safer space for drivers and pedestrians.


Less Roadway Wear and Tear: Potholes, damaged cat’s eyes, and missing traffic lines can quickly become an expense for cities to maintain or repair. Reduced vehicles mean less wear and tear and therefore saves the city costs on road repairs.


Cost-effective Transportation:


Transporting yourself around a city can be costly. Owning a car is expensive, whether it is car repayments, insurance, or simply keeping up with the ever-increasing cost of fuel. Using public transportation, such as taxis or an Uber, can also become expensive especially if you have to travel far from your home to get to work every day.


Providing cycling lanes protected by concrete bollards in city centres offers city dwellers the benefit of using a cheaper mode of transport. There will be an initial cost when you purchase your bicycle and personal protective gear, but this cost will soon be outweighed by the monthly savings on transportation.




Promotes Exercise:


Cycling is an excellent exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many cyclists who live in the city do not cycle on the city streets due to fear of roadside accidents. This forces cyclists who live in the city to travel outside the city, pay membership fees for spin classes, or simply give up on cycling.


A cycling lane created with concrete bollards offers a safe space for cyclists to enjoy this healthy sport within the city. A designated cycling lane can also promote more city dwellers to take up cycling as a form of exercise. Cycling lanes can be multi-purpose as runners or walkers can also use these lanes to exercise if there are no sidewalks in their city area.


Community Building:


Cycling lanes in cities offer the opportunity for local, community-based cycling or running clubs to form. People in the city can have the option to join like-minded people and exercise along safe routes with their club. This can lead to community building as people have a safe and healthy way to meet people in their neighbourhood.




Boosts Business Exposure:


Creating cycling lanes along business storefronts in city centres is beneficial for businesses.


Cyclists travel at slower speeds than vehicles. It is easier for cyclists to look at the storefronts that they are passing and see what businesses are operating in the area, and therefore boost business exposure.


It is also easier for cyclists to stop and pull over without creating a traffic jam or causing a roadside accident. Cyclists can simply hop off their bikes and pop into a shop that has caught their attention. This can help boost business revenue in city centres.




New Niche Markets:


Creating a city that is centred on promoting cycling as a mode of transport or as a way to exercise ultimately creates a market for new niche businesses. An increase in cyclists in the city will mean a greater demand for bicycles and personal protective equipment, therefore creating the opportunity for bicycle shops.


Cyclist lanes also create the opportunity for small cyclist-orientated coffee shops to pop up along the major cycling routes in the city. There are numerous business opportunities that stem from cyclist lanes in city centres. These opportunities can be beneficial for cyclists, entrepreneurs, and the overall city.


About Street Scape:


Street Scape is your go-to company for urban landscaping elements. From concrete bollards to aggregate pavers to steel bins, we have all your needs covered to create functional and beautiful urban settings. All Street Scape landscaping elements are manufactured in Cape Town. We choose to manufacture the landscaping elements ourselves to ensure that every kerb, planter, and wall coping is to our high standard.


At Street Scape, you will receive landscaping elements of exceptional longevity and durability. With us, you do not have to pay more for quality. All our urban landscaping elements are made to be affordable for a wide range of budgets.


Street Scape is a partner you can trust for your next landscaping project. We will provide you with personalised advice to ensure your unique landscaping project reaches its full potential. If you are looking to make an urban space purposeful and aesthetically pleasing, contact us for perfectly suited landscaping elements.




Use Street Scape concrete bollards to create safe cycling lanes in cities.