A Guide on Selecting the Best Street Scape Bollards

Bollards are excellent landscaping elements that can be used for safety, traffic control, and creating designated spaces. Finding the best bollard for your location, purpose, and design style can be difficult with the numerous Street Scape bollards to choose from. We have created a Street Scape bollard selection guide with a few of our favourite bollards.


Street Scape Bollards:


Street Scape is a manufacturer of bollards. A bollard is a post that is placed in a specific location to perform a function. Street Scape bollards are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Every Street Scape bollard is manufactured to be a quality solution to your landscaping requirements. We ensure that every bollard is durable, affordable, and the perfect design to suit your home, business, or city space.


Step-by-Step Selection Guide:


When you are spoilt for choice, it can become difficult to decide which Street Scape bollard is best suited to your project and requirements. Follow this easy step-by-step guide to select the best Street Scape bollards for your functional and decorative needs.


1) Location for Bollards:


Before you can select a Street Scape bollard, you need to choose a location for the bollard to be installed.


Bollards are commonly located in city centres. You can find bollards along busy streets, outside shopping centres, historical buildings, or recreational parks.


Bollards can also be located at your business, such as in front of your business façade or flanking your business parking lot.


Bollards are also suited to be included in the landscaping of your home. Outside your home, bollards can be placed along your kerb. Inside your home, bollards can be situated along walkways or in your garden.


Every type of Street Scape bollard will easily blend into any desired location. Once you have found the location, you will know the purpose of the bollard, and this will aid selection.




2) Purpose for Bollards:


The location of the bollard often indicates the purpose of the bollard. There are various functions a bollard can perform. The variety of Street Scape bollards allows for endless opportunities for functionality in your desired location.




Bollards can be used for safety. Businesses, schools, shopping centres, and bustling streets all have a high density of people who need to be kept out of harm’s way from vehicles that have lost control. When you find bollards located near these busy properties, then the purpose of the bollard is to act as a protective barrier.


A common use for safety bollards in the Western Cape is placing them along busy roads which are on a cliff. If a vehicle were to lose control, the Street Scape bollard will prevent the car from crashing down the cliff. The Street Scape Fence Rail concrete bollard is a perfect bollard example that can be used to keep vehicles safe on dangerous roads.


Every Street Scape bollard is suited to keeping pedestrians, buildings, and vehicles safe.




Any Street Scape bollard can also be used to control, redirect, or stop traffic.


If your desired location for the bollard is your business premise, you can use selectively placed bollards to move traffic flow to desired areas of your business. At home, you can use bollards placed alongside your verge to prevent vehicles from parking on your verge and damaging your plants or grass.


Designated Spaces:


You can also use a Street Scape bollard to create designated spaces in your city, business, or home. Bollards can be selectively positioned to create an allocated area for parking, a pathway, a seating area, or a sidewalk.


The intended purpose for the Street Scape bollard will impact the size of the bollard that you need and therefore impact your bollard choice. Street Scape offers bollards in a wide range of heights, widths, and sizes.


If you are using the Street Scape bollard in a parking lot to create a designated space, you can go with any of the shorter bollards, such as the Round 150 Convex Top steel bollard. If you are needing a bollard to keep school children protected from a busy road, then the larger Taper concrete bollard would be better suited.




The purpose of the bollard also impacts the spacing between the bollards. Bollard spacing generally ranges from 90 centimetres to 150 centimetres. The 90 centimetre spacing is used when the bollard’s purpose is for traffic and safety. The 150 centimetre spacing is used for the flow of pedestrian traffic in a walkway or a parking lot.


The purpose impacts the spacing and thus impacts the number of bollards you will require for your project. Street Scape creates a wide range of bollards suited to any budget. Our affordable bollards mean that you can find the best bollard for your project without any unnecessary costs.


3) Bollard Materials:


After choosing your location and purpose for your Street Scape bollard, you can choose your bollard material. Street Scape bollards are available in either concrete or steel. There are three ways to decide which bollard material you prefer for your bollard project.




Both the concrete and steel Street Scape bollards are strong materials suitable for safety, protection, and creating designated spaces. If the intended purpose for your bollard is to protect buildings or pedestrians from vehicle impact along a fast-moving road, we recommend one of the Street Scape concrete bollards.


Vehicles travelling along a fast-moving road, such as the main road in a city centre, need strong bollards. The Street Scape concrete bollards are all embedded in the ground. This forms a strong barrier between the vehicle and what you are protecting.




At Street Scape, we offer bollards with two types of installation.


The first type of installation is surface mounted. A surface-mounted bollard will have a mounting flange, which is an external protruding surface. The mounting flange is then secured into the floor of your chosen location with bolts.


A surface-mounted bollard is an ideal choice for locations that have an existing sidewalk, road, or any other type of solid surface. Installation is simple, as all you do is bolt the bollard to the existing flooring. Because you are not embedding the bollard into the ground, a surface-mounted bollard is cheaper to install.


If you are looking for a quick and easy bollard to install into your desired location, we suggest choosing a steel Street Scape bollard, such as the Quay Steel bollard. This bollard comes with the surface mounting installation option.




The alternative type of bollard installation is sub-surface mounted. A portion of this bollard will be installed below the surface and then cemented into place. Both the steel and concrete bollards are available in this installation.


Every Street Scape sub-surface mounted bollard can be installed into a pre-existing solid surface. The downside is that this may increase the cost due to the added labour of digging and installation.


The upside to choosing a sub-mounted Street Scape bollard is that it offers extra durability and strength. They are ideally suited to locations where the purpose of the bollard is for safety or protecting property. We recommend any of our concrete bollards for a strong, sub-mounted bollard, such as the Barrier concrete bollard.






Both the Street Scape steel and concrete bollards are designed to be durable in any outdoor setting. The Street Scape steel bollard is galvanised with a zinc coating. This ensures that the steel bollard is protected from rusting or corrosion and thus will be durable in any weather conditions.


The Street Scape concrete bollard is formed using a ratio of cement, water, and various aggregate sizes to increase the strength and durability of the bollard. If you are looking to invest in a Street Scape bollard, both the steel and concrete bollards are designed for longevity, quality, and strength.


4) Bollard Designs:


Street Scape offers both steel and concrete bollards in various design styles. Once you have chosen your location, purpose, and material for your bollard, you get to find a design style that best reflects the aesthetic of your space.


The Street Scape concrete bollards are available in these design styles.


  • Cube.
  • Ball.
  • Barrier.
  • Round Bloc.
  • Flat Bloc.
  • Cape.
  • Croydon.
  • Dome.
  • Quartet.
  • Rectangular.
  • Round Flat Top.
  • Stellenbosch.
  • Tap.
  • Taper.




Every concrete bollard is available in a variety of aggregate finishes. You can choose between different stone sizes and colours to add texture to your bollard. The concrete bollards are also available in a smooth finish. Both the smooth finish and the aggregate finish is available to be painted a colour of your desire.


The Street Scape steel bollards are available in these various design styles.


  • Ball Head.
  • Cannon.
  • Quay.
  • Regal.
  • Round Convex.
  • Round Flat Top.
  • Round Tri Band.
  • Square Flat Top.
  • Square Single Band.


Each steel bollard is available in various steel finishes. You also have the option to choose a powder coating for your steel bollard in any desired colour. A popular powder coating colour option is yellow which quickly captures attention, such as the yellow Ball Head steel bollard.




Street Scape manufactures functional bollards without sacrificing design. At Street Scape you can find a bollard suited to any location or purpose with a unique design style.


Ways to Select a Street Scape Bollard:


Finding the ideal Street Scape bollard for your location, purpose, and design requirements is simple with our three selection options.


Guide: We have created a step-by-step guide on selecting a Street Scape bollard to help you decide which bollard is best suited to your project.


Contact: We are always readily available to be contacted. Should you have any further queries regarding a suitable bollard for your project, one of our friendly staff members will happily offer advice.

Free Quote: Sit back and relax with our option to get a free quote on your bollard project. We will come to your location, discuss your intended needs for the bollard, and quote on the exact bollard amount needed. We will also offer suggested style designs should you need assistance.


About Street Scape:


Street Scape is a landscaping element manufacturer. We produce a variety of landscaping elements suited to your business or home. From bollards to bins to kerbs, you will find every landscaping element you need at Street Scape.


Street Scape is based in Cape Town. If you are located in another province in South Africa, we can deliver our manufactured landscaping elements to you. Our reliable delivery service will get your landscaping elements to you quickly and intact.


We choose to manufacture our own landscaping elements to ensure quality. Every landscaping element we produce is held to our exceptional standard. Many Street Scape products are finished by hand to ensure that you receive superior value and unique landscaping elements.


Select the best-suited Street Scape bollard for function and aesthetic appeal with our easy step-by-step guide.