Street Scape bollards bring functional aesthetics to your urban landscape


Bollards function as a security measure, a perimeter, and a visually pleasing addition to your space. A more organic alternative to high gates and brick walls, Street Scape offers various concrete and steel bollards at competitive rates for functional decoration in public, urban spaces. Read this article to discern how bollards can frame your space and add value to your property.




Why would I need one?


A bollard is first and foremost a small \barrier that can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They could be aluminium, steel, plastic or stone. Some taper at the top, others are rectangular and some are even spherical in their shape. They could be decorative, sculptural or utilitarian. But one thing is for sure; the bollard is a ubiquitous item for any public space.


At Street Scape, you can find a series of large concrete and steel bollards to align with multiple styles and spatial demands. Bollards have been recognized for their multifunctional abilities, but their most effective advantage is their presence as a protective measure. Bollards also ground the eye and create visual coherence in an urban landscape. They direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic while still allowing for fluid movement through an outdoor and semi-outdoor landscape.


These are manmade objects that are created to suit the outdoors. They stand tall but they are not invasive in their minimalist designs and exteriors. Some are created in organic shapes to fade into their natural backgrounds, while others are more embellished and chiselled in their designs. They can either be passive or active.


Passive barriers


A passive bollard refers to a fixed object that has been installed firmly into the ground. Passive bollards act as barriers against accidents or blockades against traffic. Other examples of passive barriers are walls, planters, billboards, fences and water features.


Active barriers


An active bollard refers to a barrier that can be moved and removed if necessary, and they are not fixed into place. These types of bollards are moveable and can be useful for directing traffic and delineating roads in the case of road closures, blockades, road works or a nearby event. They are also useful in parks as they are dynamic, and thus can provide a perimeter for any event or pathway. Other examples of active barriers are crash gates and crash beams, as well as rising wedge barricades.


What can they do?




Bollards are generally placed around buildings. They are used as a means to direct the movements of pedestrians, break traffic and protect the exterior of buildings. The list below provides some common functions of bollards in an urban space:


Risk Management


In the event of an emergency – such as a car accident or a fire – it is important to ensure that the exteriors of surrounding buildings are protected and the pedestrians are safe. If a car were to veer off the road, then the bollard would be capable of breaking its route and stopping it from hitting pedestrians or the building facade. Bollards close off the perimeter and create a firm security measure around the property.


Pedestrian Guide


Bollards offer an attractive means to designate allocated spaces, close off a perimeter and break human traffic without interfering with the ‘feng shui’ of an open-plan area. High walls and fences separate space and prevent free movement and flow. By using more adaptable tools like bollards, any landscaper can provide visual direction and separation to a space without enforcing hard restrictions against a pedestrian.


Architectural Coherence


Bollards also have an aesthetic function – they create consistency between the street and the building by acting as a visual anchor. They create uniformity in style without impeding on the nearby infrastructure and spatial plan. When used for visual impact, they generally reflect the same materials or styles of the building they surround and landscapers will often integrate rows of bollards amongst trees, benches, fountains, planters and shrubs to create an organic feel.


Traffic Deterrent




Bollards prevent motorists and cyclists from moving onto the sidewalk or riding through blocked streets. These preventative measures ensure that pedestrians on the sidewalk are not endangered by moving vehicles and chaotic traffic. These bollards also create a clear visual indication of the road width and the route that one must follow when driving or riding.


Where can you put them?


Bollards are generally used in public spaces and public centres in urban areas. These spaces would generally have a high volume of traffic and many pedestrians walking nearby. They can be found in the following places:


  • Office blocks
  • Malls
  • Shopping centres
  • Parking lots
  • Public parks
  • Residential development sites
  • Government sites
  • Beaches
  • Sidewalks
  • Commercial storefronts




Why should I buy my bollards from Street Scape?


Street Scape is a proudly South African Company that manufactures bollards as well as other landscaping elements to suit all of your urban landscaping and streetscaping needs. All of their products combine hardwearing functionality with pragmatic value. Street Scape’s products are made with longevity in mind, and their materials are chosen according to their resilience against outdoor elements and transient weather changes.


5 reasons why you should invest in Street Scape’s products


Below is a list of reasons why you should consider buying Street Scape’s manufactured goods for your outdoor, urban landscape. This company has many advantages and their products are of wonderful quality. Street Scape also has a wide variety of products to suit your ideal style and vision.


Buy local: All of Street Scape’s products are manufactured in Cape Town. Buying local helps to increase the gross domestic product of the country, thereby improving economic growth. Moreover, your purchases will directly help a small business and all of its employees.


Options, options, options: Street Scape’s products are highly diverse. They stock kerbs, bins, bollards, benches, planters, seating, signage, wall coping, tree elements, steps, aggregate paving and other types of paving. These products come in a variety of sizes and colours and all of the products were made by experienced, qualified manufacturers with sustainable materials that have impeccable staying power.


Nation-wide delivery: Street Scape has a country-wide shipping and delivery service. You can order your products with great ease by using their online service store. Simply add your desired purchases to your cart and wait patiently as your urban landscape features get shipped to your doorstep.


Affordable, High-Quality Products: Street Scape offers competitive prices for beautiful, functional pieces. These pieces will add a luxurious element to your urban scape, creating visual interest and adding pedestrian appeal. They can be used in many spaces, and they are highly adaptable.


Functional value: While each of these structures is very visually pleasing, they also have functional value. They add value to your property and improve the aesthetic appearance of your plot. If you require a designer element to add to your landscape, then these products are the perfect local option.


6 different bollards to suit 6 different styles and functions


Below is a list of bollards offered by Street Scape. Each of these styles aligns with a specific architectural style. Buyers should consider the wide variety of options that they have before they purchase this landscape feature. Each of these bollards has a unique visual impact and different levels of functionality.


Square 150 Flat Top Steel Bollard:


This steel fixture has a modern feel. Its sleek black exterior and the sculpted edges of its top present a geometrical feel that might suit a mall or commercial buildings. When organized in long rows, these posts delineate space and create a pedestrian-friendly perimeter. Its measurements are:


  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Mass: 16kg
  • Total height: 1200mm
  • Heights above ground: 900mm


Newton Steel Bollards:


These steel structures have a more traditional aesthetic with their grey colouring and curved edges. Their thin poles create some visual variance in the landscape, and when placed along with the outlines of a pathway or walkway, they help to direct pedestrian traffic. These are perfect instalments for campuses and the areas surrounding public libraries or schools. Its measurements are variable.




Fence Rail Concrete Bollards:


These structures combine steel and concrete to create a clear indication of spatial distribution. Linking the bollards with steel provides for additional protection against unwanted traffic, vehicles and commuters. These installations are great for any beachfront or promenade. Its measurements are:


  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Mass: 97kg
  • Total height: 1200mm
  • Height above ground: 900mm


Castle Canon Concrete Bollards:


These tall structures suit a formal space and style. They are often used in spaces near governmental or parliamentary sites, historical museums and other political or cultural spaces. Their durable material provides a useful perimeter against motor traffic, and their attractive exterior adds a regal element to any public space. Its measurements are:


  • Diameter: 450 / 470mm
  • Mass: 430kg
  • Total height: 1200mm
  • Height above ground: 900mm


Ball 400 Concrete Bollards:


These designs are truly adaptable. The hardwearing concrete creates an effective protective measure against careening traffic. However, these balls can also be used as an inviting and scenic element in any garden space or public park, demarking a pathway or adding interest to a sensory garden. Its measurements are:


  • Diameter: 400mm
  • Mass: 97kg
  • Height above ground: 400mm
  • Total height: 400mm


500 Cube Concrete Bollards:


These cubes are extremely durable and are mostly functional in their practical uses. They can be used in parking lots and shopping centres. They generally prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks and they help to delineate parking spaces, acting as a visual guide in public spaces. Its measurements are:


  • Diameter: 500mm
  • Mass: 290kg
  • Total height: 500mm
  • Height above ground: 500mm




Buy Street Scape’s bollards to enforce security measures while maintaining your architectural style


No matter what you’re in need of, Street Scape has something for any of your landscaping needs. These decorative elements offer functional applications and their materials respond well to various environments. The variety of styles and structures leaves you with a plethora of options. Decorate your space with these features to create something uniquely impactful for citizens, residents and tourists.


Contact Street Scape and ask for professional guidance as you continue with your online order. Alternatively, you can also visit 12 Sysen Rd, Blackheath, Cape Town in person and pick out your bollards on-site. You can also check out several other landscaping features that could make a difference to your property.


Street Scape additionally stocks bins and benches in either steel or concrete. They are a reliable manufacturer and distributor whose quality products are offered at affordable rates. Street Scape provides the necessary goods and services that any urban landscaper or landscaping company might be looking for.


Be it for your garden, a public space, a commercial area or a residential one, there are many uses for bollards. These sustainable structures are visual and physical pillars in any urban space and Street Scape’s designs, in particular, are multipurpose and attractive. The next time you consider reconfiguring your local landscape, consider investing in these aesthetic and secure features.