Pros and Cons of Aggregate Paving

Aggregate paving is an ideal flooring choice for your home or workplace. Aggregate pavers are durable, affordable, and can be a unique design element for your space. Read through our guide on the pros and cons of aggregate paving and see why Street Scape aggregate pavers are your ideal paving choice.


Street Scape Aggregate Paving:


Street Scape is a manufacturer of landscaping elements. We produce high-quality, affordable, and practical landscaping elements suited to your home or workplace. Our focus on blending functionality with design means that all our landscaping elements are useful and stylish for your desired space.


Aggregate paving is made up of aggregate pavers which are a combination of cement, water, and selectively chosen aggregate. Aggregate pavers have an exposed aggregate with either a smooth or rough surface.


Aggregate pavers specifically chose larger or decorative stones for design purposes and are generally chosen based on the look of the stone, and Street Scape has a wide variety of choices to suit your design style. Street Scape is your first choice for aggregate paving.


We produce high-quality, affordable aggregate pavers for your paving needs. Street Scape pavers are suited to any outdoor space you desire. If you are considering aggregate paving for your home or workplace, read through this quick guide on the pros and cons of aggregate paving.


Pros for Aggregate Paving:


Aggregate paving is an ideal flooring option for your home or workplace as it has many benefits. Read through this list of aggregate paver pros and see why Street Scape produces the best pavers.


1) Multiple Uses:


Aggregate paving can be used in multiple outdoor areas.


Driveway: Pavers are an excellent choice for a driveway into your home or workplace. These pavers can withstand the weight and wear of vehicles using the driveway daily.


Parking: Adequate space for parking is always critical. Providing parking for your guests or clients will avoid your grass areas becoming damaged by vehicles or vehicles parking dangerously on the sidewalk. Pavers can easily be used to create designated parking zones for your home or workplace.


Pathway: Aggregate pavers can be used to create pathways in your home or workplace. Whether you need a pathway leading from the driveway, parking lot, or around your premise, aggregate paving is an ideal choice as it can be laid in a design to create a pathway.


Entertainment Area: Pavers can also be used to create an outdoor entertainment area in your home. The South African climate makes outdoor functions a possibility all year round. Aggregate paving can be used to make a demarcated braai area, fire pit area, or seating area in your back garden.


Pool Surrounds: A pool surround needs to be flat, non-slippery surfaces. Pavers are an excellent choice for around your pool.


Landscaping: Creatively laid aggregate pavers can be used in your garden landscaping to create stepping, feature areas, or surround garden beds.




Street Scape aggregate pavers are made to suit any desired space. We offer a variety of pavers in various sizes and shapes to suit any use. If you are considering adding aggregate paving to your home or workplace, contact Street Scape for a quick quote.


2) Durable:


Aggregate paving is a durable flooring option for outdoor areas. Outdoor areas are exposed to temperature fluctuations, water, and sunshine. This can cause many flooring options to wear, crack, or need to be regularly replaced.


Aggregate pavers are durable in temperature fluctuations. Solid-pour concrete driveways or outdoor living areas can often crack when exposed to extreme changes in heat or excessive weight loads. Aggregate pavers are a better choice as they can expand and contract individually which reduces the risk of cracking or the need for repair.


Aggregate pavers are durable against exposure to water. Water can cause concrete to crack or fail if the water is allowed to sit for an extended period. Aggregate paving reduces this issue as the gaps in between the pavers allow for the water to seep away and not sit on top of the pavers.


Street Scape has been manufacturing aggregate pavers for decades. These many years have provided us with the experience and skill to produce high-quality aggregate pavers. If you are looking for highly durable aggregate pavers, this is why you should choose Street Scape.


Hand Finished: All Street Scape aggregate pavers are finished by hand to ensure that each paver is of the highest quality. This process allows us to maintain our exceptional aggregate paving standards and provide you with strong, durable aggregate pavers.


Reduced Chipping: A common problem with aggregate paving is chips in the surface of the aggregate pavers. Street Scape aggregate pavers are designed to have a reduced risk of chipping and therefore higher durability.


Dense Aggregate Mix: Street Scape aggregate pavers are made with a dense aggregate mixture. This ensures that each paver is strong, durable, and showcases the aesthetic of the aggregate.


3) Affordable:


Aggregate paving is an affordable choice for outdoor flooring. Aggregate pavers are made with inexpensive materials which makes them a budget-friendly flooring option for large spaces. If an aggregate paver cracks, it is easier and cheaper to replace one paver than it is to replace an entire concrete surface.


The cost of the aggregate pavers ranges in accordance with the aggregate used. Certain aggregate stones are abundant and cheap, whilst others are less easily available and are therefore higher in cost.


Street Scape offers you a variety of aggregates to choose from so that you can find an aggregate paver to suit your budget. Street Scape aggregate pavers are high-quality whilst still being affordable. You can find an aesthetic style that will suit your allocated costing for your paved area.


Street Scape aggregate pavers are cost-effective as their durability ensures that they last for a long time. Depending on the wear, use, and placement of your aggregate pavers in your home or workplace, you can go a few years without having to repair or replace your aggregate pavers.


Street Scape is focused on making our services as affordable as possible for you. We offer free quoting for any Street Scape landscaping element you will need. If you are considering adding aggregate pavers to your outdoor space, get in touch with one of the friendly Street Scape staff members to begin the process.




4) Design Element:


Alongside being functional, aggregate paving can be a design element in your home or workplace. Aggregate pavers come in various colours, stones, and sizes which can be matched to the design aesthetic of your home or workplace.


Street Scape aggregate pavers easily add your design style to your outdoor space. Our bespoke aggregate pavers will be that unique finishing touch to complete any outdoor area in your home or business.


StreetScape offers an extensive range of aggregate pavers to suit your design needs. Street Scape uses naturally sourced stones for the creation of our aggregate pavers. Our focus is on providing aggregate pavers with natural touches to create the perfect blend for your outdoor areas.


Street Scape aggregate pavers are available in five different colours: Boland, Wheatstone, Ivory, Granite, and Namib. You should expect a variation in colouring due to the use of naturally sourced stone.


Colour variation can be advantageous from a design perspective. It can create interest, dimension, and allow for other design elements in the outdoor area to pull from the colouring.


Street Scape also offers aggregate pavers with a variation of stone sizes. Your aggregate pavers can have a subtle, smaller stone embedded into the paver surface or a bolder, larger stone left exposed. You can decide which stone size will work best for the design of your outdoor area.


Street Scape aggregate pavers have clean edges to make your aggregate paving uniform and easy to install. Alongside the clean edges, Street Scape has recently released the option for bevelled edges. This gives you an additional design element to incorporate into your aggregate paving.


The way you lay your aggregate pavers can also add a design element to your space. We have listed a few layouts that you can use with Street Scape aggregate pavers which will elevate your home or workplace.


  • Stack Bond.
  • Running Bond.
  • Quarter Running Bond.
  • Basketweave.
  • Tudor Pattern.
  • Dutch Pattern.
  • Lattice Pattern.
  • Picket.
  • Picket and Infill.
  • Herringbone.




Street Scape has all your design dreams covered with our range of beautiful aggregate pavers.


5) Environmental Benefits:


Aggregate pavers can also have environmental benefits. You can use recycled materials as the aggregate in your pavers. Recycled glass, porcelain, and other waste products are common alternative aggregate options.


Cons for Aggregate Paving:


There are a few downsides to having aggregate paving at your home or workplace.


1) Maintenance:


Exposed aggregate pavers can allow for dirt to get trapped in between the exposed stones. This will require regular cleaning to keep the aggregate pavers looking great. Many people do not have the time, energy, or interest to constantly maintain their aggregate pavers.


Street Scape offers a range of aggregate pavers with a smoother surface. If you are looking for a low-maintenance flooring option, choose these Street Scape aggregate pavers for your outdoor paving.




2) Chipping:


Exposed aggregate pavers can chip if they are not packed closely enough together or when exposed to consistent wear from vehicles or foot traffic.


Street Scape has reduced this problem by manufacturing aggregate pavers with reduced chipping qualities.


3) Professionally Installed:


Aggregate pavers need to be professionally installed ideally by a paving contractor that is a member of the Brick Paving Institute of South Africa. Professional installation is an additional cost to your outdoor paving which can affect your budget.


Spending money on professional pavers is worth the expense. While laying aggregate pavers may appear simple, some specifications need to be followed depending on the area you are laying the aggregate pavers.


The aggregate paving sub-base thickness varies in accordance with the amount of use the aggregate pavers will experience. The sub-base for a pathway with light foot traffic varies from a driveway for vehicles and small pick-up trucks. If you do not use the correct sub-base, your aggregate pavers may fail and be a waste of time and money.


4) Injuries:


If you were to slip and fall on exposed aggregate pavers, you are sure to end up with a few roasties and scratches. This can make people with young children in their families turn away from incorporating aggregate pavers into their homes.


On the flip side, the grip you get from aggregate pavers means that slipping and tripping are less likely than on other floors. Aggregate pavers are especially beneficial in areas that have constant rainfall.


If you are looking for a paved floor with slip resistance, Street Scape exposed aggregate pavers are your ideal choice.




Street Scape aggregate pavers are your first choice to enjoy all the benefits of aggregate paving.