Important Uses for Bollards at Schools

Schools need to be protected, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing to make every student, teacher, and parent comfortable in the space. StreetScape bollards are the perfect tool to create a successfully safe and secure school premise. Find out all the unique uses for bollards on your school premises.




StreetScape is a Cape Town-based landscaping element manufacturing company. All StreetScape products are made with attention to practicality and design. StreetScape aims to make any outdoor or urban space useful and beautiful.


StreetScape is always eager to get involved in your outdoor projects. Whether you are needing practical landscaping elements, design landscaping elements, or both combined, StreetScape has you covered. StreetScape offers a wide range of landscaping elements which range from planters to bins to bollards.




StreetScape Bollards:


A bollard is often an unnoticed landscaping item. They blend into the background but yet are performing incredible duties. From safety to protecting spaces to directing traffic, bollards are an integral part of many public spaces.


StreetScape understands the importance of designing and manufacturing the perfect bollard suited to many functions. StreetScape has many bollard designs, sizes, shapes, and colour finishes available so that aesthetics and functionality merge seamlessly. These are the various bollard style and size options available at StreetScape.


The difference between the total height and the height above ground demonstrates the depth at which each bollard is anchored into the ground. StreetScape ensures that each bollard will remain permanently in the desired location so that you do not need to worry about replacing your bollards constantly.




Bollard Name:  Diameter:  Height Above Ground:   Total Height:  Mass:  
Bloc 220.  220mm.  900mm.  1200mm.  140kg. 
Taper.  230mm.  900mm.  1200mm.  140kg. 
Barrier.  180mm.  900mm.  1400mm.  76kg. 
400mm Ball.  400mm.  400mm.  700mm.  90kg. 
500mm Ball.  500mm.  500mm.  800mm.  144kg. 
Quartet.  200mm.  900mm.  1200mm.  132kg. 
Rectangular 900.  150mm or 100mm.   600mm.   900mm.   45kg.  
Bloc 560A.  350mm.   700mm.   950mm.   190kg.  
Fence Rail.  150mm.   900mm.   1200mm.   97kg.  
Cape.  220mm.   900mm.   1200mm.   137kg.  
Dome.  350mm.   700mm.   950mm.   190kg.  
Dome Bloc.  500mm.   300mm.   300mm.   97kg.  
Bastian.  415mm X 415mm.   600mm.   820mm.   260kg.  
450 Round.  500mm.   355mm.   405mm.   84kg.  
600 Round.  600mm.   472mm.   525mm.   300kg.  
Oval.  X  900mm.   1200mm.   X 
Bollard with Chain.  250mm.   750mm.   1200mm.   137kg.  






Bollard Name:   Diameter:   Height Above Ground:  Total Height: 
Round 150 Flat Top.  150mm.  900mm.  1200mm.  
Newton.  X  900mm.   1200mm. 
Regal.   X  900mm.  1200mm. 
Square 150 Single Band.   150mm X 150mm.   900mm.  1200mm. 
Round 150 Tri Band.   150mm.  900mm.  1200mm. 
Round 150 Convex Top.   150mm.  900mm.  1200mm. 
Canon.   150mm.  900mm.  1200mm. 
Ball Head 50.   50mm.  900mm.  1200mm. 
Quay.   150mm.  450mm.  450mm.  






Schools are a hub of young learners, eager teachers, and parents. Schools are the space where minds are pushed to grow, explore, and be creative. Schools need to be a safe space to allow for teachers, children, and parents to express themselves and feel comfortable doing so.




Incorporating bollards into a school premise provides everyone with peace of mind regarding many factors of daily school life. Bollards are the barrier that keeps children safe, provide teachers with a sense of security, and help aid parents during traffic.


Uses for Bollards at Schools:


Bollards have many uses for school grounds which can benefit the school children, parents, school grounds, and the school as a business. We have selected the top seven reasons why investing in bollards for your school premise will uplift the space.


1) Protection:


Bollards have a protective function. Many schools are located on busy roads, and this can be a hazard. A selectively placed bollard can create a barrier between the school and the road. If a vehicle loses control near the school, the vehicle will collide with the strong bollard rather than the school wall. This protects the school buildings from damage resulting in unnecessary costs.


The bollards will also protect any school children, teachers, or parents on the sidewalk from being injured. The car will collide with the bollard which reduces the chances of the vehicle hitting unaware children or teachers walking out at the end of the school day.


Bollards are especially important around school playgrounds. Children can play without care and teachers can feel calm knowing that the children are protected by the bollards from out-of-control vehicles.


2) Traffic:


Every parent understands the chaos of school traffic. As the children stream out of class, parents push their way to the front of the queue to pick up their child on time. This can cause unnecessary blocks and increase the traffic outside the school.


A selectively placed bollard will help keep the vehicles orderly. Bollards help create designated pick-up and drop-off zones, direct traffic and isolate areas specifically for parking. This overall reduces the traffic outside schools in the mornings and afternoons and helps keep the cars flowing timeously.


Bollards along a sidewalk will also create a distinctive zone for school children to keep to whilst waiting for their parents. This reduces the number of children wandering on the road, which can cause traffic and be dangerous.




3) Walkways:


Bollards can be used to create designated walkways within the school premise. Many school days include the ringing of bells, children lining up, and marching in a line to the next class or assembly. Incorporating bollards into your school premise can help keep children in tow as they move between classrooms or school areas.


Certain schools will also have grass or planted areas in between classrooms. This beautiful natural element can quickly become trampled by many Toughees clad feet. Creating designated walkways will reduce the chances of the school’s freshly cut grass turning to mud in a matter of days.


Privileges that can be demarcated with bollards. Certain schools will allow grade twelve students special access to certain areas, such as a patch of grass or a specific seating area. This is often used by schools to help give younger grades something to look forward to and the grade twelve students to feel special during their last school year. Bollards can designate walkways that separate the students from these special areas.




4) Improve School Aesthetic:


Bollards can create order outside the school and be a design element. Onlookers will note how the children stay out of the road and behind the bollards as well as how the bollards add a uniform style to the school’s outside space. This improves the overall school aesthetic and increases the community appreciation of the school.


5) Illuminate Pathways:


A bollard is a perfect opportunity for extra pathway lighting. While StreetScape does not provide a bollard with a light fitting, there are numerous companies that can easily attach outdoor lighting to a bollard.


Using a bollard to add light to a pathway makes moving around the school in the early winter mornings or late at night easier for teachers and school children. Extra lighting is also a safety measure as it adds light to previously dim areas which prevent the possibilities of tripping or injuries.


An additional option is to add a reflective strip to bollards along sidewalks. This will help highlight the placement of each bollard to drivers when visibility is poor at night. The addition of reflective tape can reduce the chances of drivers colliding with a bollard and having an accident outside the school.




6) Marketing Opportunity:


A bonus to having a bollard on your sidewalk outside your school is that numerous people walk and drive past it daily. This is the ideal marketing opportunity for your school. You can add your school emblem to the bollard, attach monthly event posters, or allow your school children to decorate them during an art class. A bollard is an opportunity for the school to showcase its pride and determination to make the school the best in the area.


7) Multifunctional:


The way the selected bollard is designed can allow the bollard to be multifunctional. The StreetScape Bastian, 450 Round, and 600 Round can also function as seating. This is beneficial especially when bollards are used to create designated pick-up and drop-off zones as the children can sit and wait for their parents to arrive.






Bollards have numerous positive uses for a school premise. If the school your children attend does not have any bollards, or any other similar safety measures in place, then you need to consider approaching the school to put in bollards.


When approaching a school, it is important to go through the correct channels. Discuss your bollard idea with other parents to see if there is a group of parents who agree on the idea. Take your group discussion to the school and request to have a meeting where you can calmly and professionally discuss the plan to put in bollards.


The safety of children is always of utmost importance at schools. Often, if a school does not have bollards in place, it is due to a lack of funding. The best first step is to contact StreetScape. StreetScape will come to assess the school, find out your specific bollard needs, and then provide you with a quote. Once you have the quote, you can discuss with the school if this is possible within the school’s budget.


If the school is happy with the inclusion of bollards but is unable to fund the project, then the next step is to start a fundraiser. Bake-sales, raffles, and funfairs are common school fundraisers which help get the children and the whole community involved. Ensuring that everyone understands the practical relevance of incorporating bollards into your school premise will help people aid the cause.


Why Choose StreetScape Bollards for Your School:


StreetScape is a professional manufacturer of bollards and produces bollards of a high standard. There are three benefits to choosing StreetScape for your school bollard needs.


Affordability: StreetScape understands the functionality and practicality of bollards for school spaces. We also understand that school grounds are generally large and will require a vast quantity of bollards to make a space safe or to guide traffic. Ensuring that there is a variety of bollards allows for a greater range of budgets to have access to StreetScape bollards. Making our bollards affordable is a top priority.


Durability: The concrete and steel used to create the StreetScape bollards ensure that they are durable. Both concrete and steel are strong, long-lasting, high-quality materials so that you do not have to keep replacing each bollard regularly.


Various Styles: There are numerous design styles available in the StreetScape concrete and steel bollards. It is easy to find a design style that will reflect the aesthetic of the school. Although a bollard is a practical landscaping element, this does not mean it cannot add a splash of design to your outdoor school space as well.


Choose StreetScape bollards for your school premises to keep your school safe, orderly, and aesthetically appealing.